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If we only had four words to describe the Omaha 10K Classic, it would be these:
-> Flat, Fast, Scenic, Awesome.

The 10K event starts in the same location as the half marathon on nearby Paraoa Cres. The first 3km of the 10K Classic follows almost the same course as the 5K. Read about the 5K course here.

Having made it north almost to the surf club, the course splits in two. Those in the 5K turn left onto the footpath towards Mangatawhiri Rd. Those in the 10K turn right onto the boardwalk where a short section on the soft sand will take you onto the beautiful, hard-packed sand of Omaha Beach. The next 1.6km are along one of the world’s most beautiful beaches. Enjoy!

At the north end of the beach, just before you reach the predator fence and Dotterel sanctuary on the northern tip of the sandspit, it’s time to turn inland. You will run over approximately 50 metres of soft sand and pick up the board walk path. Once you are back on solid ground, a short section of elevated boardwalk and footpath take you into the quiet cul-de-sac, Rita Crescent. This is the half way mark.

Rita Crescent takes you on to Omaha Drive for the haul south. After a couple of K’s on the roadside path, you will turn left at the main roundabout and then take a footpath opposite the shops and towards the beach. Follow our marshals and the footpath to the Surf Club where you can pick up the coastal utility trail back to the point where the 5K and 10K routes diverged.

The final 2.1km of the 10K Classic follow the same course as the 5K. Read about the 5K course here.

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All 10K runners start at 8:30am. The walkers start at 8:33am.
You have 2 1/2 hours to complete the course which equates to a very easy walking pace.
A gorgeous 10km course with plenty to marvel at as you circumnavigate the whole sandspit.

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